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Pulse Emergency Hospital

Dr. Ajay kumar, with the vision of building a world class hospital in Patna. Starting out as a hospital specializing in Orthopaedics and Trauma, Obstetrics & Gynecology quickly grew into a premier multi-specialty hospital, continuously adding new departments that collaborate in the treatment of complex cases. From diagnostic scans and computer navigation to miniaturised instruments, the hospital has invested heavily in the latest technology, resulting in precise diagnoses, minimally invasive treatments and faster recovery periods.

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Emergency Services

Emergency medical services, also known as ambulance services or paramedic services

24/7 Support

Free 24/7 support for patients in emergency time addition to free checkups every six months

General Treatment

General Treatment Guidelines are systematically developed statemets that assist prescriber

Free Checkup

Protect your child by having them get a complete physical at the ages